Perusahaan yang Kami Wakili

Saat ini kami sebagai distributor di Indonesia yang mewakili perusahaan-perusahaan dan produk berikut ini:

A. Pulp & Paper Industries

  1. TM Systems – Paper Machinery Hood and Ventilation Systems made in Finland
  2. Kadant M-Clean – Canvas Cleaner made in Sweden
  3. Adpap OY – Chemical Preparation and Coating Color Kitchen made in Finland

B. Flexible Packaging including Plastic Film Industries

  1. Graymills – Ink Pump made in USA
  2. PCMC – Flexographic Presses made in USA
  3. Hudson Sharp – Bag Making Machineries made in USA
  4. Vetaphone – Corona Treater made in Denmark
  5. Meech – Static Eliminator made in UK
  6. Rotatek S.A – Narrow Web Printing made in Spain
  7. Neuenhauser – Air Shaft made in Germany
  8. IRAC Srl. – Solvent Reclaimer and Cylinder Cleaning System made in Italy
  9. Drello – Stroboscope made in Germany
  10. Gama – Viscosity Controller made in Italy
  11. Just Normlicht – Color Control Light made in Germany
  12. Camis – Flexographic Plate Mounter made in Italy
  13. Gavo – Core Cutter made in Italy
  14. Shin Han Machinery Co., Ltd – Plastic Converting Machineries made in Korea
  15. Nitto Tape, Cork Taper and Razor Blade

C. Label Printing

  1. Rotatek S.A – Label Printing Machine made in Spain
  2. Meech – Web Cleaning made in UK
  3. Vetaphone – Corona Treater made in Denmark